Sunday, December 26, 2010

Types of microscopes

There are several types of microscopes available on the market, selection of the proper type is not a simple assignmen as you would need to determine what exactly it would be used for. Below you can see all the types of modern microscopes for any scientific and hobby task.

compound microscope is an optical device made for magnifying objects, consists of a number of lenses forming the image by the lens or a combination of lenses positioned near the object, projecting it to the ocular lens / lenses or eyepieces. The compound microscope is the most used type of a microscope.

An optical microscope, also called "light microscope", is a type of a compound microscope that uses a combination of lenses magnifying the images of small objects. Optical microscopes are the oldest type and simplest to use and manufacture.

digital microscope has a digital CCD camera attached to it and connected to a LCD or a computer monitor. A digital microscope usually has no eyepieces to view the objects directly. The trinocular type of digital microscopes have the possibility of mounting the camera, that would be an USB microscope.

fluorescence microscope or "epifluorescent microscope" is a special type of a light microscope, instead of light reflection and absorption used fluorescence and phosphorescencea to view the samples and their properties.

An electron microscope is one of the most advanced and important types of microscopes with the highest magnifying capacity. In electron microscopes electrons are used to illuminate the tiniest particles. Electron microscope is a much more powerful tool in comparison to commonly used light microscopes.

stereo microscope, also referred to as "dissecting microscope", uses two objectives and two eyepieces which makes it possible to view a specimen under angles to the human eyes forming a stereo 3D optical vision.

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